Get Involved

Get Involved

Hoskins Park Ministries has 7 houses in northwest Charlotte, all within one block of each other and accommodate 34 previously homeless men. We appreciate your support, it really does change the lives of the men we serve.

About Us


Pray for Hoskins Park Ministries of Charlotte, NC. Tell people about HPM in a supportive manner. If you live in the Charlotte area or will be visiting we welcome volunteers. If you'd like to get involved and volunteer your time we'd love to hear from you.



Financial support is critical to our daily operations and every little bit counts! A simple monthly commitment or one time gift goes a long way. We appreciate your support, it really does change the lives of the men we serve.



The best way you can give financially right now is online through our donation gateway. You can make a one time gift or monthly recurring gift!

One Time Gift

Thanks for your financial support! It costs HPM $7,500 to serve one man for one year. It cost our government approximately $20,000 per year to jail one man.

Monthly Gift


Where Your Money Goes:

HPM Sponsorships (designated gifts require a monthly commitment)

Designated Gift
$30 per month sponsors either one participants personal packet (essentials) or one participant on our in-house running team.
$50 per month sponsors the water for one house for one month or sponsors the food pantry for each month.
$100 per month sponsors the electric for one house for one month.
$150 per month sponsors one man for one month.
$1000 per month sponsors an entire house (and we name it after you).

Capital Campaign (these can be one time gifts that are designated for our “Capital Campaign.”) HPM is trying to become debt free. We need to raise $180,000 to purchase all of our houses that currently are rented or have a mortgage. Any contribution designated to the capital campaign will go towards paying off all of our houses.

General Fund
Any donation that is not designated to another area or is not a monthly commitment goes into the general fund. HPM operates at just under $22,000 per month. Every dollar you give helps us to keep doing what we are doing.


Existing Donors

Already a donor and need to cancel your monthly gift? We’re sorry to see you go, but thank you for your commitment thus far, it has been a blessing. Click the button below to cancel your monthly gifts.